NOTICE: We have currently filled all available positions, however are always accepting applications as we are a new company and take on new team members as we expand according to scale. We encourage you to still apply and will review your applications and reach out as we see fit as we bring on new interns.


Think you might be interested in a career in product design and development? No better way to find out than to try! Coming on as a design intern will give you lots of opportunities to work with our CTO, Kayle designing both physical and digital models of the cup, its machinery, dispense methods, and packaging methods. You will get hands on experience with laser cutters, die cutters, heat machines, and prototype machines as well as experience working with digital engineering CAD programs. Apply to be a Design Intern today and find out how you can join in on the fresh baked innovation here at OneKindCup!

If you interested in business relationships, communication, finance, or anything in the entrepreneurial or startups, we would love for you to apply for our Communication Internship to learn about how businesses interact and by being involved in the daily happenings with us. Whether you live in Denver or would want to work remotely, we encourage you to apply to see how you could become a part of our team committed to sustainability by incentivising businesses to go the route of sustainability.

If you love doing research and are interested in doing work in environmental and sustainability causes, we encourage you to apply for our research internship. We work everyday to do research about the existing market, the scientific processes in sustainability, the methodology behind supply chain, and much much more. If this interests you, we encourage you to apply for our research internship!